SoCal Simplicity
(travel essay + photos)

Growing up in Georgia all my life, the furthest south I've ever been was Alabama. As I've gotten older, there has been a longing in my heart to "go west" especially since graduating high school. I've always thought "there has to be something outside of the South that I need to experience." My dreams of venturing westward finally became a reality. I spent a week in San Diego with some friends from college and I couldn't have been happier. I saw lots of new things and experienced a different style of living than the Atlanta Suburbs.

The water was clean— the ocean was cool and crisp. Everything from the coast to the city seemed to have an air of simplicity and beauty. This simplicity is almost tangible. You can see it in the streets and you can hear it in the people. Southern California has a very unique charm that is different from that of the Southeast. People seem more relaxed and not in such a rush. I live and work in Metro Atlanta, so the change of pace here was very pleasant. It's a peculiar thing, but it seems like Californians have something figured out that we Southerners don’t. What is it that makes them appear so relaxed and carefree? After all, we are both human regardless of geographic location. Perhaps it's the absence of Atlanta traffic jams or that I am blinded by tourist’s delight. Regardless, I’ll leave this trip with an inspiration to be more simple-minded and I’d encourage you to do the same.

(Written September 2017)